last week was a bad week…

thing about doing this running malarky is that you want a schedule to succeed but then you feel so terribly guilty when you don’t do what the bit of paper tells you…yes, this week was bad. How bad?

It started well – Sunday I ran the required 23km (yeah – and what a breeze (ish) after running over 30km. How odd that I would now look at a half marathon-type distance as a breeze!!!); Monday I did the required REST day (I’m good at that); Tuesday I didn’t make it to meet my running room group as I had too many chores to do – so there was a 6km tempo run lost; Wednesday – didn’t make to to my running room group AGAIN (10km hills missed) – but super good excuse this time (other halfs bday) and did go to the gym for 5.30am to run 8km on a treadmill; Thurs flew to NYC so couldn’t possibly do the 10km allotted for that day; Friday rest day but did manage to make it to the Fitness Centre of my hotel and run 8km; Saturday should have been 6km but (WAIT FOR IT) – managed just over 13km – and around Central Park at that. Side note – if you ever get the chance to run in Central Park it’s so exhilerating. Not only are you actually running in NYC but there are so many people running around you of all shapes, sizes and abilities that you really feel part of something quite amazing – so try it! SO, to sum up – should have been a week of 61km and it became a week of 52km. Not bad, but I missed my long run yesterday of 29km (try fitting that around a work schedule – not). So, I am guilt ridden and feeling slightly stressed. Only 3 weeks and 6 days to go and tapering starts in 2 weeks. Mustn’t loose the faith…Have to dash – for a quick lunch-time run to ease my conscience!


About alirunner

Officially: Wellness Manager at UHN; background - Physiotherapy (what a portable profession that turned out to be!). Outside of work I'm a student (part-time U of T), mom of 2 teenagers (super, super scary) and wanna-be marathon runner with a first marathon goal date of October 16, 2011. Likes: FOOD, food and food (the real reason that I run), getting outdoors, seeing new places, G n T's and newly discovered carb-loaded gel packs that enable one to keep on running...What else? Arrived from UK 20 years ago to work in Canada for a year and still not visited Italy.

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