Time to Celebrate!

Canada’s Healthy Workplace month is all about celebrating employees and their successes! This 4 week celebration running through October is designed to promote a workplace culture of trust and respect where people are happy and healthy at work! It is fitting that we reflect on several achievements at UHN that have acknowledged the great work environment that you have all helped to create. WAHOO!!! Big pat on the back to all…

1.       Benefits Canada: Workplace Health and Benefits Award 2011: Employer Award 1st prize

The Employer Award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the design, administration and/or governance of a group benefits plan or workplace health program for its employees. Candidates in the Employer category are judged on innovation, leadership and impact. UHN was awarded first prize in the category “employer with 1,000 employees or more”.

2.       Ontario Hospital Association Quality Healthcare Workplace Awards 2011: PLATINUM

37 healthcare organizations across Ontario participated in this program to raise the bar of excellence for quality healthcare workplaces. The award has 4 levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. A high caliber adjudication panel of quality workplace experts completed a rigorous assessment process focusing on drivers of employee and organizational health. UHN were awarded the highest level award: PLATINUM and were commended for our commitment to ensuring a quality healthy workplace.

3.       Canada’s Top Employers for Young People 2011

This special designation recognizes the employers that offer the nation’s best benefits for younger workers. The employers on this list are Canada’s leaders in attracting and retaining younger employees to their organizations – which includes offering benefits such as tuition assistance, the availability of co-op or work-study programs, mentorship and training programs – including those to ensure advancement – and other benefits such as paid courses.


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About Jav Girl

1) Background: - Originally from Guelph, ONT, - Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology from McMaster University, - Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion (WWHP) Post-Graduate Certificate from Centennial College - Completed my WWHP placement at UHN - Hired at UHN August 2008 2) Passions: - I love to run! Nothing beats a runner's high! =) 3) Achievements: - Competed at the National Track & Field Champions for Javelin [I named my javelin 'Orville' after the Wright brothers who invited the airplane - as I wanted my javelin to 'fly'] 4) "I love what I do because . . . it allows me to help others incorporate aspects of a healthy lifestyle into their lives. I've always wanted to help people get active and live better lives; I just never knew it could be my day job.' 5) Book Recommendation: 'Mindless Eating' by Brian Wansink and 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin

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