Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23.5 hours per day?!

What is the single best thing we can do for our health? Watch this 10 minute clip from Dr. Mike Evans to find out what single “treatment” decreases knee arthritis symptoms by 47%; Depression by 30%; Anxiety by 48%; Diabetes by 58%; Hip fractures in post-menopausal women by 41%; is the number one remedy for fatigue and is the number 1 intervention for Quality of Life? Click here to find out more….



About alirunner

Officially: Wellness Manager at UHN; background - Physiotherapy (what a portable profession that turned out to be!). Outside of work I'm a student (part-time U of T), mom of 2 teenagers (super, super scary) and wanna-be marathon runner with a first marathon goal date of October 16, 2011. Likes: FOOD, food and food (the real reason that I run), getting outdoors, seeing new places, G n T's and newly discovered carb-loaded gel packs that enable one to keep on running...What else? Arrived from UK 20 years ago to work in Canada for a year and still not visited Italy.

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