New & Improved

Hello Everyone,

It’s 2012 and I am ready for great changes and accomplishments this year! Are you???

For starters, who all made their New Years Resolution and is sticking with it? I know I am! A resolution is one way to “get back into the gym,” “lose that baby weight,” “cut back on fatty foods,” “drop 15 lbs.” Whatever your goal may be, I want to know if youre sticking with it?!

Another way to make 2012 a year of accomplishments is to find something you love to do related to health and make it a habbit!  What about incorporating fun and healthy activities into your work days!?  Yoga, spin, running clubs, cooking classes, massages and other fun activities are out there but what is it you would like to see, what are your interests??

Tips, comments and concerns are very welcome, and your feedback is appreciated!


About EMpulsive

When I find out more about myself I will fill you in! #emexplores

One response to “New & Improved”

  1. Amelia says :

    I want to know why the wellnesss centre does not have any art related courses. I would like to learn to paint or sing, but courses are expensive.
    I think art is another way to find relaxation and peace of mind.

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