Temptation Vs. Motivation

 Every morning I wake up, always on track, always focused, preparing healthy snacks, drinking water, basically planning a healthy day. It feels amazing to have that control over my life, and it makes me extremely motivated and pushes me closer and closer towards my goals. It’s now the end of February and we have all been good for so long, working hard at our goals, preparing, planning, exercising, and doing more physical activity! And IT FEELS GREAT! I’m sure we can all relate to how well we feel when we’re doing what’s best for our bodies. 

I gotta tell ya, the only thing that “sabotages” my healthy lifestyle is temptation in the evening! I just want to let you all know that I never deprive myself.  I allow myself small, reasonable treats when I feel the need and so should you in moderation. But, OH MY GOSH, it is so tempting to be bad especially when I’m alone and no one is watching.  I caught myself the other day.  I was eating one of the birthday cupcakes my mother had sent me home with, and then I realized I went back for 2 more cupcakes!!! I thought to myself what am I doing?! I felt sick and ashamed and I ended up throwing the rest of the cupcakes out. Hey, it either goes to waste in the garbage, or waste in my stomach, and I wasn’t having it! I couldn’t even save the rest for my roommates, that’s how angry I was! I felt so ashamed and so upset that I wasn’t paying attention to what I put in my mouth and I don’t want to be that way.  Unconscious eating is the old me, and I want to stick with the new, healthy me! 

We have come so far, and tried so hard to fight for our goals, and we are going to keep up this fight and get healthy!  Temptation sometimes can make us feel deprived or upset and can make you lose focus of your goals. So today, I had to blog about temptation vs. motivation.  What takes control over you? What are some things that can refocus our minds and set us up for success?  Right now, I am 100% motivated to stick to my new eating patterns.  To snack on vegetables and fruits instead of empty carbs, to focus on lean meats and stick to my fitness routine! Yes, I had the temptation to mindlessly eat cupcakes (that really didn’t even taste that good), but all I can do is move on.  We all make mistakes, no big deal. Just move on, keep looking forward, past the temptation, and look your goal in the face!  Visualize yourself at your goal, feel how it feels, imagine how you act…. That’s how we want to be today! All we can do is learn from our mistakes, and to figure out a way to avoid those situations.

Some tips to help you get motivated:

  • Get out an old, unattractive picture of yourself (that you absolutely hate) that reminds you of the old you, and hang it where you will see it the most and will encourage you to stay on track!
  • Read motivational quotes! You`re bound to listen to at least one of them and do something motivational!
  • Write a journal about how you feel, and where you hope to be tomorrow, or be in a week, or a month and refer back to it.
  • Write out your goal, and hang it on the fridge!

Have a great weekend everyone, STAY MOTIVATED! YOU CAN DO IT!

ps. Check out the recipe being posted today! Fun and healthy! Better than plain pudding!


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