Health care worker fatigue and patient safety

Fatigue resulting from an inadequate amount of sleep or insufficient quality of sleep over an extended period can result in lapses in attention, reduced motivation, reduced problem solving ability, confusion, irritability, memory lapses, impaired communication, slowed processing and judgment, diminished reaction time and loss of empathy. Studies have shown that working greater than a 12 hour shift can result in a 3 fold increase in a patient care error (Rogers AE, et al: The working hours of hospital staff nurses and patient safety. Health Affairs, 2004; 23(4); 202-212). Interested? Read more on the topic at:


About alirunner

Officially: Wellness Manager at UHN; background - Physiotherapy (what a portable profession that turned out to be!). Outside of work I'm a student (part-time U of T), mom of 2 teenagers (super, super scary) and wanna-be marathon runner with a first marathon goal date of October 16, 2011. Likes: FOOD, food and food (the real reason that I run), getting outdoors, seeing new places, G n T's and newly discovered carb-loaded gel packs that enable one to keep on running...What else? Arrived from UK 20 years ago to work in Canada for a year and still not visited Italy.

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