Spring Cleaning- for you and your home!

Last weeks article was geared toward motivating us to spring ahead and prepare ourselves for the summer! Springing into exercise and jump starting our goals is exciting and fun but sometimes overwhelming, so here are a couple ideas to spring ahead starting with a clean sweep for you and your home!

In the Kitchen

  1. When your cupboards are crammed with sweets and snacks you will be more tempted to eat what you see good or bad.  When foods are out of site, they’re out of mind! So start by tossing any unhealthy, expired and even foods you haven’t touched in months to de-clutter your cupboards!
  2. Treats and snacks that the family loves, but are not necessarily the best choices for you can be easily hidden in “snack cupboards” that need a key (that you cannot hold), or hidden in opaque containers with a label that lists the grams of fat, carbs, fibers and proteins so that you know before you start munching on and to steer clear of the container with high fat or carbs. 
  3. Store healthy foods in visible containers so that they’re the first to catch your eye in the fridge or freezer. Even keeping a fancy water jug in the fridge with lemon, cucumber or berries is more appealing and will encourage you to drink fluids more often!
  4. Clear your counters so that only appliances you use and fruit bowls are visible so that your space is open and friendly for new healthier items to display on the counter. A juicer, or blender for healthy shakes, scales, measuring cups and a Canada’s Food Guide on hand to make wiser choices can help you jump start your fitness and weight loss goals.

In the Bedroom

  1. Toss your old, unflattering clothes that don’t fit. A few items to keep can be motivating, but our goals this year are to move forward and bring out the new healthy you! Why not donate those old clothes to a charity and feel good about de-cluttering your closet!  Plus, when you work towards your goal, a fun reward can be to shop for new stylish outfits!
  2. Get rid of the piles of paper, or toys from the kids by purchasing fancy boxes or screens to make your bedroom feel more organized.  All the stuff is like a constant reminder of things to-do and can be causing unnecessary stress!
  3. Redecorate- paint the walls a softer colour, try softer bedding, aroma therapy candles, decorative lamps that have adjustable lighting for a cozy, warm feeling to help you feel more relaxed, and ultimately help you get more sleep.
  4. Display items that encourage healthy habits.  Keep your gym bag packed, a shoe rack with all your favourite runners front and center in the closet. Put up a “vision board” displaying pictures of healthy living; like fruits and vegetables, people exercising or your favourite motivational quotes to remind you of the positive change you’re making!

In the Family Room

  1. Toss snack bowls, candy dishes, and TV trays to discourage mindless eating. Swap it for inspirational magazines to keep your hands and mind busy.
  2. Redecorate by adding a “hobby box” beside the couch. Throw in puzzles, scrapbooking, needle crafts or anything to keep your hands busy and away from the chip bowls.
  3. Display fitness equipment like stability balls, hand weights, fitness DVDs, bands, yoga mats, an exercise machine, or anything that will get you moving either during your shows, or during commercials.

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