Fun In The Sun!

The Beach- it’s more than just a good time!

Summer is here, and it’s time to hit up the beach! Towels, swimsuit, sunblock, fruits and veggies to snack on and a beach ball.  Sounds like the perfect combo for a relaxing and fun day, and now with these tips you can shed pounds while you play!  It’s the perfect opportunity to get a whole workout without even realizing you’re working out! The scene is different than at the gym, so you will be happier with your toes in the sand. Also, when you get too hot and sweaty, you can just jump in the water!

Beach Benefits

So many activities to do at the beach!  Swim, walk or jog along the sand, frisbee or volleyball.  Lots of variety to keep you moving!  If you’re in the mood to play, grab your friends, or children and toss around the beach ball! Grab some badminton rackets and play in the water! Play touch football! The possibilities are endless for fun games! If you want a workout, walk or jog along the water’s edge.  To kick up the intensity, move back into the soft sand or get shin to knee deep in the water to add more resistance and use muscles you wouldn’t normally work!

Five Fun Beach Exercises

  1. Walking lunges– Head to the edge of the water and lunge down the shore!  This is a great way to build muscle and increase your heart rate.  The difference with lunges at the beach is that the sand makes working your muscles harder because you’re constantly trying to stabilize yourself than compared to a hard surface.
  2. Knee lifts in the water–  Start at the edge of the water and work your way in.  Think of it as marching out to sea.  Get to about waist deep in the water for lower impact (less stress on your hips and knees).  The benefit?  You’re working your thighs and glutes, and with the water resistance you get a better workout, with less impact!
  3. Partner twist– Want to tighten your abs?  Grab your beach ball and a partner, stand back to back with your feet shoulder width apart and stable on the ground. Twist so that your waist is your only body part that moves.  Repeat for 12 reps and than switch directions.  Careful not to go too fast and get dizzy!
  4. Windsurfing– Feel like a real challenge?  Why not try something like windsurfing?  It’s harder than it looks though. Which is why it’s a great workout! It builds muscle in your upper body, lower body and a lot of core!
  5. Stretching– After your beach exercise is done, don’t forget to stretch.  The sand is soft and after a workout it feels amazing!  Plus you can get deeper into the stretch when you dig your heels in the sand.  If the sand is too hot after your workout, try stretching in the water!



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