8 Ways to Fall In Love With Fitness <3


Summer’s here, the sun is shining, and we’re excited to start working towards our health and fitness goals.  We are finding out what works best with our lifestyles and are looking for ways to incorporate a fitness routine into our daily living. But what are we to choose?  What if we aren’t the best at running? Or we don’t have time for a gym membership, but we’re still looking to fit fitness into our lives. What if we have never tried many different activities and don’t know where to start…

Keep reading to find some interesting and fun activities to get your feet moving.  

It may seem impossible, but this is the best time to work towards a new fitness routine.  Making a change is a huge step in some people’s lives, so why not start with a bang?  Making a change is a way to find yourself, a way to realize your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, so read ahead and start a check list of what might make you fall in love with fitness.


  1. Balls, Bosu and Barrels– As a kid if you loved playing on the monkey bars and ropes at the park, there is no doubt that you will have fun with these simple exercise equipment. Balls and Bosu’s are used for a lot of abdominal and core stabilization exercises.  Like a game, you can practise standing on the top the longest or squatting while playing catch.  The barrel is used for practising pilates, and the greatest thing about it is that you can do this all in your own home. It’s so much fun, eventually your kids will be chasing you at the park!
  2. Square Dancing– You may think this seems like a silly exercise, but it can actually be a lot of fun, and a way to work up quite a sweat!  Don’t knock it until you try it because while you’re “Doh-si-dohing” you won’t even realize this is helping you reach your fitness goal! This type of dancing has been around for 100’s of years in Canada, so it’s gotta be good! If square dancing is not your thing, try a hip hop class, or Latin dance.  Anything that you can shake and sweat to and have fun while doing it.
  3. A Workout Buddy- When you have someone that’s always willing to get up for walks, and pushing you to get to spin class or any of your other favourite classes, it can help keep you on track! You can’t turn down your friend when they’re at your desk for lunch time walks or your front door for the evening jog, so your only option is to give in and get going!  On the positive side, while you’re with a friend you can catch up and have girl talk, or gossip about the latest news.  By the time you’re done ranting, you will have already worked up a sweat.
  4. Feel Good in Fun Clothes- The old saying, when you look good, you feel good applies for your gym clothing now too.   Splurge on a new outfit or new runners, besides you have earned it, making a change is hard to do, and I think a reward is always needed in the beginning stages. When you feel good about yourself, you usually have more self-confidence which can lead to how hard you push yourself during your workouts. So remember when you look the part, you feel the part!
  5. Find Your Inner Warrior- If you’re looking to feel like a warrior, or want to train like you’re in a Spartan movie why not join a gym like cross-fit, or join an outdoor Bootcamp.  These types of workouts make you feel powerful and burn A LOT of calories.   Everything from rope climbing, to bear crawls, kettlebells and sprinting to make you sweat.
  6. Get Outdoors- If being in the gym is not your thing, why not rent a kayak, hike, find an outdoor pool, rollerblade, or learn a new sport like soccer or tennis. Trying something new can help you find what you’re truly great at and when you find something to stick with, living a healthy lifestyle seems a little easier and attainable.
  7. Bring the Family Along- if you’re a new mother, or you’re wondering when you’re going to have time to get out and do your exercise, plan something the whole family will love! Yoga with babies, or plan a day at a water park, or stay at a camping area with a beach and some biking trails for the weekend or even a night.  The whole family will have fun, and you can incorporate family fun time and exercise together without anyone noticing it’s meant to be your workout time. Pack a picnic of healthy snacks and live as if you have been active your whole life!
  8.  Think of it as a stress reliever–  Upload your favourite “feel good music” and just go!  No matter where your feet take you, just don’t stop! Make sure to breathe deeply and take in your surroundings and by the time you have ran or biked through a path or down the street you will forget what was upsetting you in the first place. 




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One response to “8 Ways to Fall In Love With Fitness <3”

  1. Nancy Bruning says :

    You’re making some great points! I especially like the workout buddy and the getting outdoors suggestions. In my experience, people may think they don’t like exercise, but they really don’t like exercising at the gym, or they don’t like exercising alone. I hope to see more families being active together too, and as a parks advocate, I believe our parks are the perfect place for that to happen. Bravo!

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