No time at the gym? No problem!

Recent studies have looked at 2 different types of training and how it can improve our fitness. Endurance training and Sprint training are 2 very different t forms of cardiovascular exercise, with very different durations. A study done by Burgomaster et al shows that endurance training 5 days per week lasting 40-60 minutes at 65% of your maximum (moderate exercise), and high intensity interval training 3 days per week lasting 30 minutes with 30 seconds “all out” sprints and 4.5 minutes rest, show similar results.   The study states that after 6 weeks of training whether it be sprint interval training or endurance training you can increase the amount of oxygen you consume with each breath, your peak power output also increases showing that your body can do more work in less time, or do more work without feeling fatigue. Training can also reduce your heart rate which means your body does not work as hard during the same intense workouts, reduce your respiratory exchange ratio, which means you’re using more fat as your main fuel and therefor you’re metabolizing fats instead of your glucose or muscle glycogen (Burgomaster, 2008).


We all would love to get a long luxurious workout in at the gym, just moseying along, taking our sweet time… But this is unrealistic for many of us.  Most of us are extremely busy with work, kids, house work, socials and events, it seems like it is impossible and a waste of time to head to the gym with only 30 minutes… WRONG!  30 minutes is all you need!  GET IN AND GET OUT! Put on the loudest, craziest workout music you have and push yourself hard for that 30 second “all out” period. If you put your mind to it you can do it!  All it takes is 4 to 6 times of work, that’s only 120 to 180 seconds of intense training… Seems like nothing when you break it down!  Break it down to a full week, and you will only need 1.5 hours with the high intensity intervals compared to 4.5 hours a week with traditional endurance training!  That’s a huge difference! That’s HUGE benefits! So many improvements in such short time!  Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t train with sprint interval training and then try to run a marathon.

All you have to do is give it a try!  Maybe you will fall in love with interval training!  Also, if you’re  looking to bump up your fitness or lose those extra couple pounds, interval training is a great way to burn tones of calories and really get a feeling of a high intensity cardiovascular program!

Note:  if you plan on doing interval training, don’t forget your stop watch!! 


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2 responses to “No time at the gym? No problem!”

  1. Lisa Vanlint says :

    OK, that settles it. I’m going to do an interval training session today at lunch.

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