How To Make Exercise A Habit

We sometimes find ourselves in a love hate relationship with our exercise routine.  We either enjoy it, feel like it’s a necessity or don’t want to, but deep down we know we should because it makes us feel good.  That’s what usually keeps us going, is how it makes us feel, but how do some people continuously exercise, without ever missing a workout? Why can’t we make our fitness routine an “easy come” habbit?

If this sounds like you, and you realize exercise is at the bottom of your to-do list, perhaps some changes should be made.  For about 2 or 3 days most of us can start our exercise, and watch what we eat, and be super enthusiastic about getting to the gym, but than that dies down, why? You know it will help you lose weight faster. You know you need it for good health. BUT did you know that inactivity is NOW one of the worst things you can do?

It’s okay if you don’t like it, here are some tips on how to get started on a lifestyle habit, not just the weekend warrior routine…

  1. Exercise can be fun!

Traditionally speaking, the gym is where we typically think of exercise, but wouldn’t it be more fun to get fit with the kids?  Now research suggests that every little bit counts and who doesn’t enjoy a game of catch? Or family soccer! Or what about taking a hike, or walking in the woods?

If you don’t spend enough time with your husband/wife in the day because of work and other social events, spend some time with your spouse on a bike ride, or take a group exercise class together, something that can incorporate couples!

Maybe if you’re around people all day long, find some “me “ time and go for a nice quiet walk along a peaceful path.

The key is to find something that suits YOU, and WORKS well for your lifestyle, and you won’t know until you try!

  1. Exercise takes effort…!

Basically, we have to literally get up to exercise, unlike diet, which I’m sure no one would forget to do in the day… We never skip meals! So why skip our exercise?  We need to purposely set aside time to exercise, like we would purposely set aside time to make your favourite breakfast every morning, or family dinners at night.

It may be hard to start, but once you do there are great things happening which you wont usually notice right away.  Like your energy level… With continuous exercise, our energy levels stay high, but once we stop after the couple days, our energy levels simultaneously drop as well.  So it may be hard to get back at it, but if we stop giving up we won’t have to worry about the difficulty of starting over!

What it takes!

It all comes back down to our “will power.” YOU GOTTA WANNA! Life can get very busy, but if you don’t do something to be proactive for you today, it will catch up on you later in life.  The goal is to start, and don’t stop!

We gotta learn!

We know how easy it is to make excuses and brush it off till the next day.  We have to start making some serious changes in order to achieve our goals. So lets make changes now!

Weight Watchers has come up with a few really great ideas on how to imagine you in the future with exercise as one of your top priorities!

  • First identify the habit you want to change. Maybe you want to stop being a couch potato.
  • Picture yourself involved in the negative habit; make the image as unattractive as you can.
  • Then, in the lower-right-hand corner of your mind, put a picture of the new you, the way that you would rather be. Make it a bright, colourful picture of you walking, for example. (It works sort of like a picture-in-a-picture TV screen.)
  • Make the ugly one big and bright and the good one small and dark, then switch them. Then switch five times more. Do it really fast, and clear the screen after each switch.

More tips!

  • Understand that you have to start slowly. An hour-long power aerobics class on your first day will only discourage you, maybe hurt you, and send you back to square one.
  • Find an exercise buddy. A workout partner can be immeasurably helpful, because you have a responsibility to your friend not to talk yourself out of exercising. Make sure you choose a buddy who’s in about the same shape as you, though.
  • Pick an exercise you like, then commit yourself to trying it consistently for at least three months. If you still think you hate it after that amount of time, give yourself permission to say, okay, this isn’t working. Then pick something different and repeat.


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