Remember 231/2 hours…take a look at the stress version

This time Dr. Mike Evans talks about stress. He talksabout the 90:10 rule and how we do in life – 10% is about what happens to us and 90% is how we respond and that the same may be true of stress – so take a deep breath and Commit, Control and Change. Do some homework on yourself, reframe your thinking, redirect your attention and write a letter (that you never send) expressing your emotions. Repeatedly, the evidence shows that people who manage stress well have better health outcomes to almost every disease. Our thoughts and attitudes are the key holders for the stress we experience – NOT your job, or your boss, or that nasty traffic into work today…
Take a look:


About alirunner

Officially: Wellness Manager at UHN; background - Physiotherapy (what a portable profession that turned out to be!). Outside of work I'm a student (part-time U of T), mom of 2 teenagers (super, super scary) and wanna-be marathon runner with a first marathon goal date of October 16, 2011. Likes: FOOD, food and food (the real reason that I run), getting outdoors, seeing new places, G n T's and newly discovered carb-loaded gel packs that enable one to keep on running...What else? Arrived from UK 20 years ago to work in Canada for a year and still not visited Italy.

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