EAP: Don’t Forget About Me

Wellness is the pursuit of better health, and amidst the classes, services and resources we offer here at the Wellness Centre, one great resource that is often forgotten about is the Employee Assistance Program. EAP is a counselling and information service that is included in benefit packages for UHN employees and their family. Why write a blog about it? It’s got a lot of great features that you might not know about that can be helpful to you and/or your family.



EAP can be a great resource for you in a lot of different ways.

Some health related issues that EAP can help with include: stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, mental health concerns, general aches and pains, natural healing strategies, and life transition issues.

EAP also provides support and help for legal and financial clarity, relationship management, child and elder care, workplace challenges, and nutrition.

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A more comprehensive list can be seen on this brochure: EAP brochure


Easily Accessible Support

While you can call and set up appointments through the EAP provider Shepell-FGI, there are also several great applications of EAP that can provide free support online as well as right to your mobile device. They are all completely confidential and allow you to explore and receive support at your own pace without having to worry about committing to appointments in a surely already busy schedule.

My EAP mobile app: Free to download for anyone, this app provides expert articles, videos and interactive support for a wide variety of health and wellness topics related to both work and life. It is completely confidential and a great way to explore what EAP has to offer on the go, wherever you are.

Also includes:

  • Quick and easy stress and relationship assessments.
  • Chat online with a professional counsellor through your phone with ‘First Chat’
  • ‘E-Counselling’
  • Explore and register for various EAP services through the app.

Download it for free today and check it out if you haven’t already!

My EAP app


Online Programs

 Online programs are also available through EAP and include:

  • Online Stress Management Program
  • Online Smoking Cessation Program
  • Online Financial Planning Service

Other online resources: here


 For any questions about your EAP service or to book appointments:

Call: 1 866 833-7690 (available 24/7, 7 days a week)

Or Visit:  workhealthlife.com and click ‘online access’ to sign up and explore the services.




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