Pinterest: The Perfect Wellness Motivator

Getting bored of cooking the same old meals and doing the same old workouts? Need to feel inspired and motivated to stick with or start some new healthy habits? I’ve got just the tool for you! Pinterest is a fantastic social media site that allows users to share content with others through the use of photos. Users have a virtual photo board which they can use to “pin” photos of almost anything – craft ideas, DIY projects, inspirational quotes, tips for event planning.. the list goes on! You simply click on a photo in order to go to the website from which it originated.

I personally am a Pinterest addict. There is such a wide variety of photos to browse through that it’s hard not to get inspired by something everytime I visit the website. I also downloaded the app for free on my iPhone, so I can easily  take some time to browse through new photos everyday during my commute to work.

If you feel like your healthy habits could use an extra “kick”, Pinterest is a great tool which can help motivate and inspire new, creative ideas related to wellness. Here are a few snapshots of some sample photoboards (click to enlarge):


Pinterest Health & Fitness Board

Healthy Recipes

Pinterest Healthy Recipe Board

Clicking on a photo will bring you to the website containing the full recipe – it’s that simple!

Stress Management


Who knew the key to wellness could be just a few clicks away? Happy pinning!

Be Well xo

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