What If I Told You…

50% of all deaths each year are caused by a chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc… That these chronic diseases are also potentially preventable…


What if I told you…

That if you can inspire simple behaviour changes for you, your friends, family, and community around you like limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, increasing physical activity and exercise that you could be part of shaping the future of health and health care and limit the incidence of preventable chronic disease…

The problem…

Previous experiences making behaviour changes haven’t worked?

Transforming Bodies and Lifestyles: Insights into Inspiring Behavior Change has come up with key strategies that can promote lasting, long-term changes that can promote a healthier lifestyle. It involves taking motivational theories, and being able to translate that motivation to your own life and view it as an opportunity rather than a burden. To embrace the change and believe that it is the opportunity to better your life. Of course each behaviour change has to be personalized, realistic and very meaningful to you, and be geared towards your specific needs. When combining social sciences with new and upcoming technology there are new opportunities for life-long behaviour change, and you can start NOW!

Some Examples:

With technology currently being so advanced, we are able to use smart phones, sensor networks, and the internet of Things to make behaviour change a little bit easier. You can use these different resources to create your own contextually relevant needs. This is about YOUR behaviour change, so create pages, download pictures, apps and set up agendas that are positive reinforcements of your new life-changing behaviour.

Visualising how your healthier life looks, or imagining how you would feel is not only a way to figure out your goals, but to keep you motivated. A “real” virtual reality stimulation can be a coping mechanism when you feel stressed, or when you need a reminder of the healthy behaviour that is most important to you. It allows you to visualize your future, which can help you experience the benefits of making changes. Of course actual change takes some time which is a downfall of behaviour change, but it important to get a sense of what it would be like to keep you focused.

Have you ever heard the quote, “you are who you hang with”? Your social network applies to your success. You can change attitudes, weight, and other factors related to behaviour by surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people. Positive attitudes and willingness to change can cause a rippling effect for the people you surround yourself with, and eventually and hopefully lead to a significant change throughout families, communities, provinces and countries that improve global health.

Of course, like anything this can be easier said than done. But with these new technologies and cutting edge research we hope that you will try to make small changes, and use these tools to help you succeed. We are only human, and it is natural to make mistakes, so keep this quote in mind.

“Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.”


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