Spring into Fitness –Outdoors

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After being indoors with the same workout DVDs or doing the same workout inside the gym, why not prepare yourself to step outside for spring training! Spring is just around the corner, we can feel the suns warmth, hear the birds chirping, see the small buds blooming on the trees- which makes it a perfect time to get moving outside for your workouts to enjoy this change in season!

“Spring fever” may be occurring, and this makes us crave change.  Getting outside can make you aware of some new interests and inspire you to try new things!  The possibilities are endless! After the long winter, the excitement of a new fitness plan and the high levels of motivation will definitely get us started on the road to health but there are some cautions before lacing up for that 5km race you plan on attending next week…

Remember the rules of progressive overload; we need to ease into our best healthy bodies by taking these suggestions into considerations:

  • Inside-Out- You’ve been working out inside for the past couple months, so why not use the ideas from the fitness DVD or start off with a run or walk like you would normally.  Put your music on and replicate your workout outdoors.
  • Dress Code– It may still be chilly out there so dress in layers. You’re always able to take layers off as you get warm during the workout.
  • Water Breaks– Even though it’s cold out and you don’t feel as thirsty, there’s still a chance of dehydration, so drink plenty of fluids before, during and after.
  • Skin Protection– If the sun is shining be cautious of your skin and wear a hat to block the sun from your face, or wear light, loose fitted sun protecting clothes.
  • Nature’s Jungle Gym–  your workouts don’t have to be reserved to walking and jogging the same routes… why not try hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or even rock climbing.  There are plenty of websites online to guide you to any activities you’re willing to try and the best part is that they may be closer to home than you think!
  • Outdoor Park Circuits– use common park objects like steps, benches and trees to create your own circuit exercise.  You can use the bench for tricep dips, push-ups, or even lunges; the trees for sprinting distances, or the branches for pull-ups; the stairs for speed training, or even re-creating a step class with different levels!



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