Healthier Easter Holiday

Image Those candy-coated chocolate Easter eggs, and gummie candies can add up the calories fast, so be prepared when you’re on the hunt.

Let’s be real, it is really only one day.  Even if you do indulge in the sweet treats, it won’t completely derail your hard work, just let it go and move forward!  Here’s how:

  • Focus on the real meaning of the holiday, not just the food.  Look for Easter traditions that involve non-food where you can focus more on family and friends than you do on the Easter basket.  Paint Easter eggs, or try arts and crafts to keep your mind off of the food.
  • Tweak  food recipes and add healthy alternatives, like steam cauliflower and mix it with the mashed potatoes! Or use plain, fat free Greek yogurt for an alternative to sour cream.
  • Since you know sweets will be around, plan for it.  Make sure you get an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill, wake up extra early for a morning run or do an extra class to make up for extra bites and nibbles of chocolate. Also, why not take the Easter egg hunt to the park, or up the street for a couple extra minutes of walking.
  • Try buying small, individually wrapped chocolates or jelly bean packets. AVOID the giant chocolate bunnies, no matter how cute they are!
  • Don’t sit down to dinner on an empty stomach! Snack on the colourful hardboiled eggs, fruits and veggies before dinner to avoid overeating.
  • Skip the basket…  Sometimes the non-traditional Easter gifts like a new outfit, or movie tickets, books and jewelry are appreciated more than the bundles of chocolate that won’t even last the day.
  • Shift your focus… for dieters, this isn’t a whole season, it’s a day, or a weekend. Try to focus on the time with friends, not the food!
  • Instead of buying chocolate eggs, why not buy plastic fillable egg shells, and fill with stickers, money, or anything small enough to fit in the egg! Kids love them too because they can be hidden over and over again!
  • SHARE!  Don’t go to buy the big bag of candy… but if you end up with one, pass them around!

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