IHHC Activities and Games!

As part of the Inter- Hospital Health Challenge 2013

Some games and activities are being organized for all the staff at E.W Bickle!! Come on out!!

Active Games: May include Bacci, Kubb, Ultimate Frisbee, and Dodgeball. The game being played will be decided by the leader that day.

Day of the week: Mondays and Thursdays beginning May 6th- May 30th, 2013

Time : Please be dressed and ready to play at 12:15

Location: Meet in the main lobby by the fish tank

Hand Knitting Session:

For those who are interested in knitting, you may find this session interesting. We will be using arms as the knitting needles to knit a scarf.

Please bring yourself, two balls of thick chunky yarn.

Date: Friday, May 24 2013

Time :12:15

Location: Auditorium

Hope to see you all there to earn some points for the IHHC!!


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