Self Massage! It’s Easy!

Feeling tense? Sore? Tight? You’re probably guessing, hey maybe I should get a massage. Massages are great! The only problem is booking an appointment that fits into your busy schedule can be difficult and the cost for massage sessions really adds up. So what can you do? You can perform self massage. You’re probably asking yourself self massage? How do I do that? It’s Easy! There are various ways you can perform self massages.  To start you off, here are two valuable pieces of equipment you can easily find.

One very beneficial piece of equipment is a foam roller.  There are many great foam rolling exercises you can do with a roller for your neck, back, shoulders and legs. Foam rolling can also help prevent injuries and help to increase flexibility.

Here is an instructional video that gives easy instructions on several different foam rolling exercises

Another beneficial piece of equipment is a tennis ball. Similar to foam rolling, you can roll out areas of your body in order to help relieve stress in muscles. The tennis ball provides a much more concentrated pressure.  Tennis balls are great with helping relieve knots and stress in the foot.


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