Ladies, don’t be Afraid to Pick up that Weight!

Many women misunderstand the benefits of weight lifting in today’s society. Women have the desire to look toned. They are too worried about being too muscular and feel that weight lifting will make them look big and bulky. Women need to understand that in order to look “bulkier” and have larger muscle mass you need produce a certain amount of testosterone (a hormone produced in the body).

The key as to why it is easier for men to look “big” and “strong” is because men produce a lot more testosterone than females do. Yes, females produce testosterone but only in small quantities. The quantities are so small it is very difficult for the average female to look “big”, “bulky” or “too muscular” unless they were to take steroids or other performance enhancing substances.

Although women may not look “big and muscular” that doesn’t mean they can’t be strong! Weight training helps to build strength and increase lean muscle mass (a key to looking “lean” or “toned”). Weight training is very beneficial and women shouldn’t be discouraged to go to the gym and pick up some weights. Cardio is good however just doing cardio only, you will start to lose lean muscle mass and the muscles under the layer of fat can’t be defined. Having increased lean muscle mass helps to improve your metabolism, so doing cardio alone won’t improve your metabolism (this is when your body is burning calories while you’re resting!)

So why do women weight train? The reason in simple! There are so many benefits that can be achieved through weight training. Women can become stronger, helps with weight loss, maintaining weight, increased lean body weight, toning muscles, reduce coronary diseases, reduced risk of osteoporosis and can help improve muscle imbalances.

So if you’re unsure of how to properly weight train, sign up with a personal trainer or do some research only prior to weight training. Here are some good references for weight training:




So women don’t be afraid! Hit the gym and pick up that weight! It’s only beneficial and helps you to become a more stronger, fitter and energetic you!

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