The Craze about Coconut Water

Coconut water seems to be the new health craze for many reasons. However don’t confuse coconut water with coconut milk when you are shopping. As well remember to get “raw, pure, natural, no added sugars”  when buying coconut water as there are many other beverages with a lot of added sugar, which will defeat the purpose of the beverage being nutritious.

Remember too much of anything isn’t a good thing. Coconut water should definitely not replace water and should be consumed sparingly. Although coconut water is filled with minerals, it still contains calories.  It’s suggested that coconut water be consumed after an intense work out because it provides several minerals to aid recovering. It also has been suggested as an alternative to sports drinks for short high intensity spurts such as basketball, tennis, volleyball etc. because of the rich content of electrolytes and potassium. Studies show that this beverage can also keep athletes hydrated and decreases their chances of cramps. There are many websites that state coconut water helps increase HDL cholesterol levels however this hasn’t been shown in any research studies. Coconut water is also said to help with weight loss, this may be true because “natural, non-added sugar, premium” brands of coconut water contain much less sugar when compared to sodas and sport drinks.

Just remember to listen carefully to everything the media says about coconut water and to carefully look at the food label to see what has been added. Coconut water isn’t necessarily the best drink for your health but it is a good alternative to sodas and sports drinks. So enjoy the fresh taste of coconut water, just be careful you know what you’re consuming!



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