Don’t Believe Everything You See on TV !

At some point of in our lives we have all come across some sort of new break through fitness / exercise quick fix piece of equipment. Many of these products are very questionable. They use gimmicks and imagery to try and convince the public their product works. However, a number of people are unaware about fitness and want to believe these will work. So companies pounce on this opportunity to sell their product and fill their commercial with false information in order to make a profit. So before believing whatever you see on TV infomercials consider two things;

The first is to understand when it comes to fitness    nothing ever comes easy or quick. If you want a lean body, six pack, to get stronger and have big muscles; all these things take a lot of work, time, effort, motivation and dedication. This means no cheating on your diet, proper nutrition/supplementation, no cheating on your work outs for weeks, months and even years. Everyone’s genetics are different and people’s results will differ. What may work for one person may not work for someone else. No one can get big muscles or a six pack the next morning (unless you get plastic surgery but it’s unnatural, very harmful and dangerous to your body plus not to mention very expensive!) or become stronger the next day. It takes time for our muscles to grow and become stronger.

The second thing to remember about these TV infomercials is that they give a lot of false information or stretch the truth. A great example of one of these products is the “Shake Weight”. The “shake weight” is designed in 2.5 lbs for women and 5 lbs for men, a dumbbell like structure with shocks. The study done by a “world class leader in biomechanics” proves 32 minutes of traditional dumbbell work oust will only take 6 minutes with the shake weight”. That statement alone is very questionable. Another very questionable statement is the “shake wake is 300% more effective for muscle activation vs. 66% of traditional dumbbell training”. Big words and fancy statistics are used when explaining how the product works to impress TV audiences and interest them into buying their product.  However what is not understood by the consumer is that the shake weight is limited in pounds and range of motion. With the shake weight all you do is an isometric contraction (meaning a held contraction) for a period of time and switch positions. How will your muscles be stressed enough to adapt and grow stronger by only doing an isometric contraction for 6 minutes vs. 32 minutes work out with dumbbells where you can do various exercises with weights. Good looking

individuals who are already fit or in great shape are displayed using the product to give you the idea that this product helped them achieve this healthy body. Do you think body builders or athletes or fitness models would have the physique they have by only working with small 2.5 lbs or 5 lbs dumbbells? The answer is obvious, that they would not.

Next time you see an amazing new machine to help you get the “perfect” body, think about what these two things  before grabbing that credit card . Remember that there is no “quick fix” and results sometimes take a while. As well, don’t believe those statistics and visuals immediately, it’s usually a marketing scheme. So instead go work out at a gym, and if you’re new to working out don’t be afraid to get a personal trainer they are there to help!


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