Mini Beach Vacation at Your Own Desk

Do you feel down, worn out, tired, or just plain old blahh?  If this is you then here are a couple of helpful ways to revitalize your body and mind from the comforts of your own workspace. 🙂

The first is Passive Progressive Relaxation This is a process in which you progressively target different muscles throughout your body to calm your self down and clear your mind. This technique can be used laying down or even sitting in a chair! Perfect for those days where you just feel like you are ready to explode. Attached below is a copy of a couple relaxation scripts, all you have to do is either read them to yourself slowly and calmly or you can record yourself saying the script and then play it back whenever you feel the need to relax and distress. The best part about Passive Progressive Relaxation is that you can use it almost anywhere at anytime as long as you have 10-15 minutes of free time.

Another relaxation technique you can try is a Beach Visualization Relaxation, this technique is very similar to Passive Progressive Relaxation except that you are visualizing yourself at a beach!  So if you are even in the need of a quick vacation away form work but just can’t find the time, have no worries for this will take you to paradise and back in under half an hour.  Keep in mind that both of these techniques can be used outside of the office. If you ever find yourself or your partner can’t sleep at night try one of these out before bed and you’ll be amazed at the wonders it will lead to…you’ll be wishing you discovered these gems a long time ago!

For more relaxation scripts and other relaxation skills be sure to check out Inner Health Studios


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About Zachary

Hey Everyone!! I am the new student intern at the Toronto General Wellness Centre! I am currently in my fourth and final year at the University of Guelph-Humber studying Kinesiology. I am super excited to start working with the other Wellness Staff and also with all of you! Look for my blogs and stay tuned for an awesome time!

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