Stretch it Out

Today at the Wellness Centre I was working away on important things, type type type, read read read, type type type, read read read….before I knew it I had this slight pain in the back of my neck from being hunched over my computer all day! 😦 Lucky for me, Ashley had already planned for us to facilitate an Office Stretch Break for a department within the hospital!

After a long trek through the maze like corridors of Toronto General we arrived! And so the stretching began…after the short stretching tutorial I felt revitalized and refreshed! The slight pain was gone and I could move my neck again, hooray for stretching! After this tutorial I was determined to stretch myself out at least once an hour, if not more so that this slight annoyance would not come back and annoy me again.

Now a lot of people ask “Well…why do I have to stretch at work?” and the answer is actually very simple…because our bodies aren’t meant to sit all day, we are meant to be outside running with the hippos with the wind in our hair.  Rather, most people sit for prolonged times which causes soreness, muscle tension and stiffness.

Remember most importantly, relax while you stretch and don’t forget to breathe. (hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds allowing for a nice relaxing stretch)



About Zachary

Hey Everyone!! I am the new student intern at the Toronto General Wellness Centre! I am currently in my fourth and final year at the University of Guelph-Humber studying Kinesiology. I am super excited to start working with the other Wellness Staff and also with all of you! Look for my blogs and stay tuned for an awesome time!

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