Coincidence or Synchronicity?

I remember when I was looking for an apartment for my daughter and I, a friend recommended a building and suggested I go talk to the landlord. As I drove into the neighbourhood, I was anxious as to whether or not this would be the right place for us. When I pulled in front of the building, I was surprised that the building had the same name as my daughter, Carolyn, and it happened to be at the corner of Carolyn and Main. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’ve learned to pay attention to these moments as ways that we may be guided. A coincidence is a random event but synchronicity is the belief that these events are meaningfully related. Whether you believe that these moments come from a higher power, are the energy of the universe, or are your own mind wanting to see something, there is value in noticing these events in our lives because they help to move us to a new place.

Synchronicity is also the belief that these moments come to you in the service of healing and wholeness, and are meant to help you make the best choices in any given circumstance.

November 1st is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Plan to do an act of kindness. Kindness promotes feelings of well-being, reduces stress (which improves physical health), energizes you, and promotes good feelings for both the giver and receiver. I also believe that kindness is one of the ways that we contribute to synchronicity. The act of kindness may mean so much more to the receiver than you know!


About uhnspiritualcare

Spiritual Care Professional to Toronto Western Hospital with the University Health Network.

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