Growing Old – A Sign of Peace

One of the signs of peace is an aging population. Simply put, countries that are torn apart by war and violence do not see their people live out their years. In this part of the world, we have the challenge of living with many people who are growing old. An aging population has its challenges and we often feel stretched in healthcare to meet all of the needs.

On November 11th as we remember the many who have sacrificed for the cause of peace who never grew old, we can also give thanks for the many, who because of those sacrifices are growing old before our eyes. As health care professionals, let us serve those in our care with deepest gratitude that the symptoms of an aging population are also the symptoms of peace. As we struggle with the ethical challenges that come with modern medicine we can remember this struggle is only possible in a climate of peace. As we talk and blog about health, many parts of the world can only think about surviving.

As you meet and care for seniors today, may you know the blessing that is hidden beneath the signs of growing old – a peace that allows them to live out their years. May you see your work as building blocks for peace.


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About uhnspiritualcare

Spiritual Care Professional to Toronto Western Hospital with the University Health Network.

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