UHN Walking Challenge

As part of the Get Up step Up campaign, the Oasis Wellness Centre is pleased to bring back the March walking challenge.  March into Better Health, a one-month walking challenge began last year and had over 100 participants in its inaugural year.  The challenge is FREE for UHN employees to register and consists of using a pedometer or pedometer app to track your daily steps.  Participants can then submit their weekly totals for a chance to win prizes from a weekly draw. As well a grand prize will be awarded to the participant with the greatest number of steps at the end of the month of March.

There are several ways you can begin to count your steps:

*The Oasis Wellness Centre will have a limited supply of pedometers for those unable to download, borrow or purchase one.

To register:

  1. Email UHNWalkingChallenge@gmail.com  with the following information: Name, site, your method for pedometer use (App, library, your own, Wellness Centre) and your goal .
  2. Send weekly updates to UHNWalkingChallenge@gmail.com with your weekly step count totals! (Send each Friday with results from the previous Friday – Thursday)

For more information or to register email UHNWalkingChallenge@gmail.com

Are you ready to March into Wellness?


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