Joe’s Team: The Perfect Beginner’s Triathlon with a Cause


Joe’s Team is a triathlon/duathlon founded by patient Joe Finley in support of cancer research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. It’s the perfect beginner’s triathlon for four reasons:

1) People with all levels of fitness and abilities participate.

2) It involves a “calm” start, meaning that participants are divided and released in waves rather than all at once.

3) It’s located at the beautiful CNIB Lake Joseph Centre in Muskoka, Ontario.

4) Everyone is there to support a great cause and have fun.

Joe’s Team has raised nearly $9 million over seven years.  With participant and donor support, it expects to reach its goal of raising $10 million with the 2014 event on Saturday, July 5, 2014.

Simply put, it’s a very special year for Joe’s Team.

Once these funds have been raised, The Princess Margaret will be able to establish the Joe Finley Head and Neck Translational Research Centre.  The research centre will be the lasting legacy to Finley who passed away in 2010 from his cancer.

 Why sign up for a triathlon?

Many people find that signing up and training for a challenging event like a triathlon actually helps them stay focused on their fitness routines.

World triathlete and seasoned runner Paul Huyer was interviewed for UHN News and found that training for a triathlon actually improved his running.

“I replaced some of my running volume with cycling, pilates, and weight training,” said Huyer.  “What those sports do, particularly pilates and weight training, is isolate muscles specific to your running that take a hard workout when you run—like your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.  Working different muscle groups strengthens them, and also allowed my running muscles and tendons to rest between workouts because I wasn’t using them repeatedly.”

“So as a result, I was having better quality runs with that and improving my performance,” said Huyer.

 Training with UHN’s Wellness Program

UHN’s Wellness Programs offers many programs that complement the training needs of any aspiring triathlete.

Class options include:

  • Spinning: Sculpt & Spin, Spin – Endurance, Spin, Bands & Bikes
  • Yoga: Beginner Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Boot camp

Pair up with a UHN friend or start a training group for an event like Joe’s Team.  Alternatively, feel free to come alone and to meet other individuals with similar fitness goals.

Accomplishing something challenging and meaningful like Joe’s Team is both mentally and physically rewarding.  UHN’s Wellness Program is here to help you design your training program.  


Joe’s Team 2014 will be held on Saturday, July 5, 2014.

For more information about Joe’s Team, please visit or e-mail Kelly Webb – Manager, Special Events at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (

Questions about UHN training programs? Feel free to contact Paul Smits – Wellness Coordinator (, for any Wellness related questions.


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