Life is But a Day Dream!

day-dream-by-oliveloaf-designPeople often joke about heading to their “happy place” or “drifting off in a day dream” when they are feeling sluggish or stressed. The irony and truth of it all though, is that deliberately bringing ourselves to those states of mind have many benefits for our daily life and should be encouraged rather than kept at bay!

VISUALIZATION.  Engaging in a joyful memory or experience and allowing time to explore and enjoy the pleasant thought can facilitate happiness and relaxation. What better way to take a break than to bring yourself to a place that brings you peace or draws a smile to your face? Remind yourself of the funny, relaxing, joyous times in your life to re-focus, re-program, and re-energize the tone of your day!

From a stress management perspective, visualization can also ease our approach before embarking on challenging tasks that are weighing on our minds or bringing us anxiety. Closing your eyes and imagining yourself going through the steps of your upcoming task (and visualizing yourself mastering them) can allow you to later approach the activity with a newly motivated and confident perspective.

Come practice with us! The REFRESH program runs every TUESDAY & THURSDAY from 2:30-2:45 in the TGH OASIS Wellness Centre (1NU168). Please visit the Wellness page on the UHN Intranet for more information and program schedule.

Reference:Cornell University: Gannett Health Services. “10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress.”


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