Gratitude Resources for which, I Am Thankful.

As the UHN Wellness Program looks to shift its focus to Spiritual Wellness for the month of December, employees are invited and encouraged to contact us to have your name added to the Wellness Weekly Distribution List.  Members of the list will be invited to participate in a 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge as well as a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge, beginning December 3.  More details on each of the above to follow, in next week’s post.  Send an email to to join today!


In the meantime, recognizing that our neighbours to the south will be honouring the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, and with December’s theme front of mind, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the resources I have discovered recently that shed light on the science of gratitude, that speak to the value of being grateful, and that present ideas and inspiration for how you might practice more gratitude in your life.  My hope is that you find them as enjoyable and beneficial as I have.  Enjoy.

TED – Give Thanks

A series of TED Talks that “will help you conjure up massive amounts of gratitude.”

What a Grateful Brain Looks Like

A Mindful Magazine article describing a study that outlines the effect of gratitude on one’s neurological system.

Why Gratitude Makes You a Happier Person

An article from that shares some of the science connecting gratitude and happiness.

15 Ways To Show Yourself Gratitude (And Why It Matters)

A MindBodyGreen article that shares ideas about how to be grateful towards one’s self.

Take care.


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