Spirituality on the Go Train

As we focus our attention to Spiritual Wellness for the month of December, it seems fitting to seek the perspective of our Spiritual Care team at UHN on how they approach working spiritually. We are so grateful to have received a remarkable story from Moe Anderson, a Spiritual Care Provider at UHN. The title of her story is “Spirituality on the Go Train” and can be found on the Wellness intranet page here:


Her experience highlights that spirituality can truly be found anywhere and at any time. Through a reflection on spirituality, interconnectedness, and the events we encounter we can find meaning in our work, connect with our inner selves, and help us link our actions to the broader community in which we operate.  Her message is powerful and reflects the themes we seek to explore this month including spiritual wellness, what it means to work spiritually, and how to foster a sense of interconnectedness and meaning within the communities in which we work, live, and belong. Thank you again to Moe for sharing your account; we hope you will find it as moving as we did!



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