Looking for an accessible personal trainer? There’s an app for that.


Knowing how to safely and efficiently build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, not to mention finding the motivation to do so, can often be difficult.  For this reason, personal trainers can prove to be an integral component of one’s journey towards improved health and fitness.  For many though, hiring a qualified trainer that is also affordable and accessible, is unrealistic.  Enter technology.  The following apps will help you maintain those fitness goals well into 2016 by allowing you to have a personal trainer right in your pocket:

Sworkit – Sworkit aims to be the app that fits your schedule no matter what life throws your way.  You can customize workouts based on time and areas of the body you’d like to focus on.  FREE on iOs and Android.

FitStar Personal Trainer – FitStar is such an intelligent app, it’s as though you’re training with a real person.  After every move, the app will ask how many reps you’ve completed and the difficulty of the workout.  It will then customize your workouts over time according to your strengths and weaknesses, based on your responses.  FREE on iOs and Android.

Fitmo – This app allows you to video conference with a trainer during a session.  It also provides a list of pros that you can hire.  FREE on iOs.

Nike+ Training Club – Nike’s app tracks runs, plays music and provides workouts of the day, accompanied by videos to illustrate specific workouts.  FREE on iOs and Android.

Spring Moves – The music played on this app is like the heartbeat of your running session.  It will log your runs and track your progress, all while playing your perfect soundtrack in the background.  FREE on iOs.

To a fit 2016!


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