Get Up, Stand Up, Straight

“My feet is my only carriage.” – Bob Marley


As I’m sure you are aware, movement, of any form, can positively impact our overall health and well-being, in many ways. Walking, for example, even if performed for only a few moments at a time, especially when practiced regularly, can improve our physiology, on several levels.  How do you incorporate movement into your day?

Unfortunately however, with the conveniences of modern life, combined with the demands often associated with work, we spend a significant amount of time in a stationary, seated position.  As you’ve probably heard before, and as the literature suggests, sitting can negatively impact our health in many ways.  One aspect of our physiology affected by sitting, is our posture.  Often, chronic sitting can contribute to a sway-back posture (or hunchback posture), evident by a forward head tilt and flexed upper spine.  For some, this can lead to tightness and tension in the neck, upper back, shoulders, lower back, hips, or all of the above.

Combined with regular bouts of movement, I have found the three exercises outlined in the video below, to be very beneficial in improving my overall posture, as well as relieving some of the stress and tension I was experiencing through my upper shoulders:

Hunchback Posture

(click on the image to be directed to the YouTube video)

 And while I’m on the topic, here are a few of my other favourite quotes from Bob Marley:

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”

“Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.”

“Love the life you live, live the life you love.”

Take care.


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