Tips to Help You Quit

Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult, yet one of the most rewarding experiences.  Follow the 5 tips below, to help you guide your journey to a smoke free, new you!
3-ways-to-anticipate-and-plan-and-plan-for-challenges1. MAKE A QUIT PLAN
Sitting down and creating a plan to quit can make your smoking cessation journey a whole lot easier. A quit plan is a personal written line of action that will help you stay focused, motivated and confident to quit smoking. There are many resources available that can assist you in creating the perfect plan for you, such as the QuitGuide App, Livestrong MyQuit Coach App, as well as the smoker’s helpline at 1-877-513-5333. There is no single plan that works for everyone. Be honest with yourself about your needs and what you want to achieve.

Keeping busy is a great way to stay smoke free. Being busy will help you keep your mind off smoking and distract you from any cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Try including some of the following activities throughout your day, to minimize feelings of temptation.

  • Go for a walk
  • Chew gum or hard candy
  • Keep hands busy eg. holding a pen, squeezing a stress ball, or play a game on your quit smoking app.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Relax your mind and body by practicing deep breathing exercises

Triggers are the people, places, things and situations that have the ability to set off your urge to smoke. On your journey to quit, try to avoid all triggers that you feel will cause you to crave a cigarette. Below are some tips to stay away from common triggers:

  • Throw away your cigarettes, lighters, matches and ashtrays
  • Avoid caffeine, which can make you jittery and want a cigarette to calm you back down. Try drinking water throughout the day instead.
  • Spend time with non-smokers
  • Spend free time in non-smoking areas
  • Being tired can trigger you to have a cigarette. Therefore, it is important you get plenty of sleep (7-8 hours/night) and consume a healthy diet.
  • If need be, change your daily routine to avoid things you might associate with smoking.


Quitting smoking is difficult, and happens one day at a time. Try not to think of quitting as a forever, never-ending process, but focus your attention on today and you will begin to see how quickly time adds up. Staying positive is a helpful technique during your journey to quit smoking. The day you decide to quit may not be perfect, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that you don’t smoke. Reward yourself for being smokefree for 24 hours, like having a spa day, or having a golf day with your friends. You deserve it!


Being smoke free, doesn’t mean you have to rely on willpower alone. Talk to your family and friends, and tell them the day you have decided to quit smoking. Ask them for support on your quit day as well as the first few days and weeks after. Your family and friends are your support team, and can help you get through the rough spots. It is important to let them know exactly how they can support you. Don’t assume they’ll know. Your journey will become less of a burden with the help of your closest support team.

Wishing you the best.



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