Making The Healthier Choice The Easier Choice

March is Nutrition Month and the theme for this year that the Dietitians of Canada have created is: Let’s take the fight out of food!

One of the hardest parts of eating healthy is having access to the healthier choice. A program done by Food Share and the TTC is giving people in “food desserts” (areas of limited access to healthier food choices) the opportunity to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables within their communities.grab some good food

Through this program they have placed “Pop-upfresh food markets” in places of high commuter traffic. This has been done so that people can easily purchase fresh foods and therefore make the healthier choice the easier choice. These Pop-up markets are at Downsview and Victoria Park Station on Tuesday and Thursdays, and Kipling subway station Monday and Wednesday 3:00-7:00PM.

This initiative began at Victoria Park Subway station where it underwent a trail for a year, and through its success they have continued the contract until 2019, as well as expanding to more locations. It is nice to see that eating a healthy balanced diet in the City of Toronto is becoming a realistic notion.

It is important to remember to take the time in our busy lives to stop and be aware of the healthier choice and these pop-up markets are allowing this to be possible.

fresh food


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