Three things about Kevin Majchrzak

Kevin Majchrzak is the Wellness Analyst at UHN

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I’m an Urban Planner turned Wellness Analyst/Fitness Professional after a job layoff forced me to reevaluate career paths. So far, it’s working out fabulously. My passion for health and wellness truly ignited after attending group exercise classes at the now defunct Bally Total Fitness (I still miss that place). I was inspired by the instructors who were able to make exercise exciting, fun and the best part of my day (just as it should be).

Favourite Vacation
Any that involves lots of cycling. Over the past three years, I have cycled nearly 3000km for various charities. It is an amazing way to see different places, meet the most terrific people, and raise money for organizations that need it.

My diet! I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and can’t help but indulge in my mid-afternoon timbit break, or whatever sugary-sweet delight I come across first when the craving hits.

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