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Growing Old – A Sign of Peace

One of the signs of peace is an aging population. Simply put, countries that are torn apart by war and violence do not see their people live out their years. In this part of the world, we have the challenge of living with many people who are growing old. An aging population has its challenges and we often feel stretched in healthcare to meet all of the needs.

On November 11th as we remember the many who have sacrificed for the cause of peace who never grew old, we can also give thanks for the many, who because of those sacrifices are growing old before our eyes. As health care professionals, let us serve those in our care with deepest gratitude that the symptoms of an aging population are also the symptoms of peace. As we struggle with the ethical challenges that come with modern medicine we can remember this struggle is only possible in a climate of peace. As we talk and blog about health, many parts of the world can only think about surviving.

As you meet and care for seniors today, may you know the blessing that is hidden beneath the signs of growing old – a peace that allows them to live out their years. May you see your work as building blocks for peace.

Healthy Work Place…BINGO!!

With Healthy Workplace Month coming to a fast close it seems like this would be a good time to remind everyone about your BINGO cards!

In case you have forgotten they look something like this bingo, they should be well on their way to be completed and handed in by the beginning of November to be enter to win some of the amazing prize we have!


These prizes may include such things as Fresh gift cards/items and even lululemon athletica gift cards/items!


All you have to do is print out a Bingo card from above, if you don’t already have one that is, and start completing the tasks outlined in each box. Yes it’s that easy! 🙂

For every column/row you complete you are entered into the draw for the gift prizes….yes that means that you can be entered to a max of 5 times if you complete your entire card. That’s pretty awesome!!

And remember you have to either hand in your bingo card to the Wellness Centre at Toronto General or you can scan aLululemonnd email them to us at wellness@uhn.ca

So get your Bingo Cards completed and send them in within the week! The deadline is fast approaching!

Nordic Pole Walking Club

Starting Today Monday, November 4th, the Wellness Centre will be starting a new program!pole_walking

With the winter months and weather coming in rather fast this past week we will be starting to “run” a Nordic Pole Walking Club here at Toronto General Hospital.

The club will meet from 12 noon to 1 PM and go for a 3-5km walk.  Meet at the Wellness Centre.

This is an excellent opportunity for staff to come out and take a lovely stroll while on their lunch break 🙂

Bring your friends and co-workers and just go for a nice walk, have a talk about last nights game or perhaps how your dog Tyson has been doing.

For those of participating in Activate Your Commute this is an excellent opportunity to help build up those steps and then log them to win some awesome prizes!

I’ll be sure to see ya on Monday at the Wellness Centre at noon!

Lace Up and get ready to walk 🙂

Activate Your Commute

The Activate Your Commute campaign closed yesterday and we would like to send a friendly reminder to log your biking and walking trips to work for the month of October. You are able to go back and log your trips for the entire month of October. Even you log a commute once, you are still eligible to win fantastic prizes!


The winners will be drawn in a couple of weeks.

 activate your commute

3 Ways to Deal with the Busiest Commute Day of the Year

activate your commute
Halloween not only brings the ghosts and goblins out in full force, it’s the busiest commute day of the year with everyone rushing home to fix dinner, don costumes and hit the streets in time for trick-or-treating.

Want a happier commute on Halloween? Try one of these three R’s:

1. Reduce: If you can telework (work from home), or work from a location closer to home, Halloween would be a good day to give it a try.
2. Re-time: Think about shifting your work hours, starting and leaving earlier, for example, to avoid peak congestion times.
3. Re-mode: Consider walking, cycling or taking public transit to reduce the time you might otherwise spend in traffic. It’s one more way to activate your commute.

Happy Halloween from your Smart Commute Team